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This Month in Wayne History- Honoring Captain Michael Kilroy

Figure 1- Michael Kilroy in his 1963 yearbook photo. From the Wayne Museum.

Though Wayne 175th has come to an end, we're happy to be continuing our partnership with TAPInto Wayne with 'This Month in Wayne History', spotlighting a different part of the township's history every month. The articles will be published on . We're also collaborating with TAPInto Wayne and Conan Ward – Your Wayne Edward Jones Financial Advisor on the Wayne History Challenge, a fun monthly trivia contest, where you can enter for the chance to win a $100 gift card!

To read this month's post- all about Captain Michael Kilroy, namesake of one of Wayne's beloved parks- check out the article here! You can learn about this month's Wayne History Challenge here!

The Wayne Museum operates under a shared services agreement between the Township of Wayne and the County of Passaic. The County manages and operates the Wayne Museum on the Township’s behalf through the County’s Department of Cultural & Historic Affairs.

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