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Remember Wayne?
A Virtual Community Scrapbook


As we look back on 175 years, we invite you to share your memories of Wayne in our community scrapbook. Here, we plan to showcase your recollections of life in Wayne, celebrating the experiences of today's community. No matter how big or small, we would love to hear from you!

To submit a memory to the virtual scrapbook, please click the link below. Once approved, memories will be displayed on our website and social media pages. These memories will then be stored within our permanent collections at The Wayne Museum and can be used on future exhibits. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us and celebrating Wayne's 175th.

We are also interested in growing our collection items related to Wayne's more recent past (1900 to present). If you are interested in donating artifacts, photographs, letters, etc., please indicate it in the form and include a short description. 

We look forward to hearing your stories!


Click here to view the community scrapbook!

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