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Summer at the Wayne Museum!

When did it become August?! Summer is flying by at the Wayne Museum, but we've been busy with community events, research and writing, and behind the scenes work!

In June, we kicked off our second Family AG Day series! Joined by fabulous participants like Lokai Rose, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the Wayne Public Library, and more, we've been able to offer environmental and history themed activities, historic games, and community outreach onsite every other Sunday. Lavene Gass has also joined us to lead yoga and meditation, and the Phonograph DJ and Bach to Rock have kept the music going. Though we've dealt with some weather cancellations, we're looking forward to our remaining dates- August 7th, August 21st, September 11th, September 25th, and October 9th- all held from 11am to 2pm! Check out the event listings for an updated list of our participants for each day.